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Physicians Advisory Group, Inc. has been providing these quality services to our clients since 1996. If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page or contact us.


Our billing services include:

Receivables Management

Physicians Advisory Group, Inc. performs a wide range of Receivables Management Services. Assuring timely and efficient turnaround on accounts receivable is the difference between profitability and income loss. Receivables Management is a process which involves evaluating the current system, designing solutions to problems, implementing those solutions, and establishing a long-term approach toward performance monitoring. In order to effectively manage this process, several specific issues are evaluated:

Evaluation of these factors will determine the entire scope of the previous receivables management process. Utilizing the information to develop a new approach to receivables management will produce a more effective, streamlined system and ultimately greater profits. Physicians Advisory Group is able to handle the entire scope of receivables management, from evaluation to implementation, long-term process control, monitoring, and management.

We have extensive experience in contract negotiations with insurance carriers. By providing accurate and up to date information, we can assist in negotiating a fair fee for services. Additionally, our work does not end there. Our system provides us the ability to track insurance payment amounts by CPT code, per carrier. This up to the minute technology affords us the ability to determine if a carrier has paid its contracted amount at the time of payment posting.